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Veronica Shimanovskaya is fond of the concept of ‘apperception’ as the subjective creative experience of an infant before perception is even formed. Almost in an automatic motion, and barely controlling form creation, she is exploring her latest personal and societal experiences, and their effects on her art making.

During her three-week residency at Living Room – NYC, Veronica oscillated between 2D and 3D forms. Her tondos were produced with layers of translucent paint, manifesting calm and balance, then altered in a dramatic way. Crumbled metal fabric shapes, paper objects disturbed by fire, painted objects, and the echo of her previous video work speak of perhaps unsettled and unprocessed questions.

Veronica Shimanovskaya is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist grounding herself in metaphysics. Veronica’s main themes are pure subjectivity and cultural contextuality. Her practice includes conceptual art, painting, sculpture, installation, and moving image. Born in St Petersburg, Veronica is currently based in the New York and exhibits internationally. She has shown her work at the 57th, 58th and 59th Venice Biennale, London Art Week, Thessaloniki Art Week, Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum (MACO), Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, and more. She studied art, architecture and theatre and has her MA and Doctorate degrees from the University of East London, University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Harvard University respectively. She is a founder of EphemerEye, a video art showcasing online platform, that also provides live exhibiting opportunities for artists whose practice include time-based media.

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