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Open Studio

Dear Friends,

I made it back to New York City!

After spending half of my time here and half of my time in Tampa, Florida, I have made the move permanent. I sold my house, I packed up my furniture, my paintings, and here I am!

I am betting on myself and investing in my work in a way I never have before. Upon landing in New York, I found a space to rent and decided I wanted to fill it with as much creative energy coming from creatives from any discipline and LIVING ROOM-NYC is just that, an artistic collaborative laboratory. It's here for you and whatever you can envision it becoming. Additionally, this is where I am able to paint and it's where I spent my time creating the album art for the recently released album, TIME TRAVELERS, which was a deep, artistic, collaborative process. Exactly the energy I hope The Living Room will inspire.

Gratefully, I've already been able to open my doors to visual artists, scenic designers, curators, musicians, and now I want to invite you in to meet the space. Please join me for the opening reception of Living Room-NYC on Friday, April 21st, from 7p-Midnight. We will have plenty of wine, snacks, and I'll be filling the walls with my own work to honor what brought me here and introduce myself to you more fully. I will also be painting live whenever the spirit moves me to document the evening and savor the moment. I'm excited to share my process with you.

I hope that you'll be able to make it as we celebrate this new creative space and while RSVPs are appreciated, they are not required! ! If you'd like to stay up to date on all things The Living Room, please take a minute to sign up for our email list!

Looking forward to welcoming you to Living Room-NYC! 


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