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Moving Silently

Organized by multidisciplinary artist, curator, and scholar, Veronica Shimanovskaya, Living Room-NYC is pleased to host a tribute to art and technology, early film, and contemporary video art.  Moving Silently is a festival of ideas.

How does technology assist in giving birth to new art forms? What is the connection between historical and contemporary moving images? Can video cameras, being as widely accessible as crayons, be the most democratic tool of art production of our time?

These questions were posed in an international call for artists with a few other conditions that determined the format of the show: a series of black and white silent video art shorts, with no limitation in theme or topic. 26 artists from around the world have been selected for the show. In the tradition of early film, live music is part of the show. These short films will be accompanied by composer Thomas Hodges.

About Veronica Shimanovskaya 

Shimanovskaya’s life was steeped in art and literature from the early age. She lived and worked in Italy, Russia, USA and UK and is currently based in the New York. Classically trained, she expanded her practice to conceptual art, installation and moving image, but has never abandoned painting.

Grounding herself in metaphysics, Veronica is interested in pure subjectivity, and searches for an almost “pre-conscious” innocence of being (a concept known as apperception). Her multicultural background contributes to her interest in visual semantics and iconogenesis. She studied art, architecture and theatre and has her MA and Doctorate degrees from the University of East London, University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Harvard University respectively. She is a curator and a founder of epehemereye, a digital platform focusing on video art and artists working with video.

She is a recipient of the 2019 Mayor of Kobe Art Award, and a Certificate of Merit of the Luxembourg Art Award 2021. Veronica has shown her work at the London Art Week, Thessaloniki Art Week, 57th, 58th, and 59th Venice Biennale, Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum (MACO), Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, and more.

 About Thomas Hodges 

Thomas Hodges is a New York based composer and educator from San Diego. He is a passionate educator and believes in the power of learning by doing. His musical Sonata 1962 with collaborator Patricia Loughrey was part of the 2018 New York Musical Festival and received three awards including “Outstanding Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations.”

 Participating artists: 

Robert Ladislav  Derr Susana Sanroman  Andrew McDonald   Vanja Karas  Laura Cohen  Marc Dixon/Denis Gaines  Lorenzo Papanti  Buchen/Goodwin Montague/Armstrong  Adrian Regnier Chavez  Eija Remitseva  Pierre Ajavon  Gala Mirissa  Karolin Schwab  Kathreen Sweetman  Matteo Campulla  Ann Grim  Natalia Jezova  Yoon Suokwon  Veronica Shimanovskaya  India Roper-Evans  Ilaria Pezone  Joann Alvis  John Longenbaugh

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