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Drawing Symposium

In a spirit of hope, healing and imagination, participants will explore the theme of Drawing Ground at the Thinking through Drawing annual symposium. A full program of interactive workshops, live discussions, show and tell, get-togethers, research talks, and collaborative drawing, relating to our theme of Drawing Ground will take place virtually as well as in person at Living Room – NYC.

What does GROUND mean to you? What is your relationship with earth? Where and how do you sit, where do you belong?  How do you ground yourself in our ever-changing world? How do you build, nurture, and protect a creative environment for yourself and others?

The TtD 2023 hybrid symposium will provide space for people to connect and converse about drawing’s power to ground us, and as a tool to chronicle, confront, conceive, and contribute to unique opportunities to create and recreate. Our hybrid model combines local live workshops held around the world and global online get-togethers. As usual, the focus will be on sharing innovative and diverse drawing practices across fields, formats and platforms. We will continue our TtD exploration of sharing practices and problem solving with a wonderful selection of workshops and presentations selected from our open call, relating to Drawing Ground.

For 2023 Thinking Through Drawing are collaborating with Brew Draw, Indiana University Southeast US and SUNY New Paltz US.

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