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Living Room - NYC welcomes Sarah LeMieux who will be presenting her sound installation titled Acousmacity. LeMieux, acontemporary composer,performer, educator and researcherworking to merge universes throughmusic. Sarah will begin with ademonstration, and a performanceof a selection from my newelectroacoustic album "SpeculativeFiction." It is similarly music that combines acousmatic sounds andmusic from different times andplaces in her life to create animaginary thought space to inhabit.

Acousmatic is a word used to describe sound separated from its source. Using sound acousmatically creates a space to hear a sound on its ownmerits rather than functionally or informationally; it allows sound to bemusical. Bernie Krauss, the soundscape ecologist, viewed"anthrophonic" sound -- sound generated by humans - - as an intrusioninto the natural world of sound, but for me, the sound of humans and nature together makes New York City a beautiful sonic collaboration. Experimenting with those sounds can give us generative energy and insight into how human creativity can make a better world.

The installation will feature several record players, on which visitors canplay acousmatic sounds recorded from locations around the city, as wellas fragments of music, past and present. The sounds can be playedeither individually, or simultaneously, to create unique soundscapes. Visitors may also choose images to project, to create a more immersive imaginary world that they can inhabit for a little while.

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