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A Little Bird Told Me

Dr. Angela Brew is an artist, drawing teacher and researcher based in London, who runs the Brew International Drawing School. Dr. Brew developed a new system for teaching observational drawing, focusing on eye and hand coordination and connection, and the fine tuning of perception. Her Drawing Growth workshops and retreats introduce this intuitive technique, opening doors to the joys and meditative qualities of observational drawing.

The Amber Tree is a memorial to those we have lost. It is a never-ending drawing created collaboratively over several years with communities around the world. People are invited to draw a representation of loved ones lost, as an animal or magical spirit in the tree branches or roots. Brew will install The Amber Tree in Living Room-NYC, and invite people to ‘grow’ the tree, to hold memories of lost and loved ones.

Stemming from The Amber Tree, which became inhabited by birds as memorials to folks we have lost, Brew has embarked on a project to draw every species of bird in the world. Brew uses drawing to tune in and listen to birds, to their alarm calls, songs, and quieter humming and chat. During the residency at Living Room-NYC, Brew will draw migrant birds in Central Park daily. These drawings will fly, rest and roost in and around The Amber Tree.

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