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Said Hammouch

Photographer and visual artist, Saïd Hammouch was born and grew up in Morocco. He roamed the world before settling in Brussels, Belgium, where his artistic career was born. His approach consists of using the photographic medium to experiment with its potential and so create novel visual experiences. Saïd Hammouch recently graduated from a long-term photography course at Ixelles School of Arts, Brussels. He is particularly interested in the visual aspect of the image where the graphic composition takes precedence over the object depicted. Above all, he tries to move away from the realistic documentation characteristic of photojournalism, to thus bring out the aesthetic and universal potential of a moment or a feeling. Beyond celebrating the graphic aspect of the subject, lights and shadows, his work is also interested in the formalist aspect of human presence. This is how he sets out to produce images that attempt to seek beauty in environments where chaos reigns or other images that explore themes that are difficult to approach, such as the notion of “Self”.

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