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Paul Lorenz

“Stay curious, distill ideas down to their essence, and push personal boundaries... always.” –Paul Lorenz Paul Lorenz is an American artist born in 1961 who lives & works in Buckeye, AZ, USA. With an education in Bauhaus architecture, fine art, and music composition, Paul Lorenz has carved an intriguing niche in the international art world: bridging the immediacy of drawing, sound performance, music, and digital collage with the logic and detail of architecture. In his words, "Abstraction is not a style, but a state of mind…a way of thinking about action, time and circumstance, confidence and risk-taking, boldness and subtlety." It is this philosophy on time and circumstance that allows the creative process to be the final subject. “My work floats between architecture, visual media, and music composition.” Lorenz continues, “How do you describe volume...density. Can you see it...hear it? What does a line sound like? What do one hundred lines sound like...look like? These are the questions that guide my work, my day and push my curiosity.” Paul regularly exhibits with galleries in the USA and Europe. As a member of Pintura Fresca, an international group of abstract artists, he has exhibited worldwide, with past exhibitions in Australia, Singapore, Austria, England, and Sweden. Paul had his first solo exhibition in Europe in 2009 at Galerie Daniel Vignal in Toulouse, France, and was the only US resident artist to participate in the historic Realities Nouvelles exhibition in Paris in 2012 and 2013. At the same time, artist-in-residence at the Shangyuan Art Museum near Beijing in 2014, numerous paintings and music scores were created. In 2018 Paul exhibited at the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels, Belgium. Paul’s String Quartet No. 1 has a long global history culminating with the world premiere in Florence, Italy in October 2015. This improvisation was recorded live at the Florence Biennale with string musicians from the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and the rock band Adam Kills Eve. In 2018, 'Black Shadows' was premiered at the Alba Music Festival in Italy. As a performance artist, Paul’s durational pieces, ‘untitled: LINE’ (2016) and ‘Linear Stream’ (2018), performed with his sound ensemble Perception Project, explored interior space amplified/manipulated line drawing with graphite sticks, microphones, and live musicians. His 2019 solo exhibition at Modified Arts in Phoenix, Arizona, combined acoustic sounds of drawing and trumpet.

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